Post date: Oct 22, 2012 9:23:02 PM

If you are looking for a chiropractor I DEFINITELY recommend going here!! Dr. Derrick helped me, my 3 children, and my mom with all our aches and pains. Those of you who know me know my little Vinny was born with his toes on both feet tucked underneath each other and when Dr. Derrick worked on them I saw a HUGE improvement! Also, I was having a lot of hip and neck problems along with tingling running from my arms to my hands. These were all causing me to lose sleep at night. Just after a few visits my discomfort was greatly reduced! Dr. Derrick even worked on Lydia to help with constipation issues. Anyone who knows Lydia knows she doesn't like to be touched by almost everyone but, Dr. Dana took her time with her and Lydia began to trust her. By the second visit Lydia allowed her to do what she needed to do without a fight! So if you, your children, or anyone else you know are living with any discomfort or pain I highly encourage and recommend calling Derrick Family Chiropractic. I would not make this recommendation to all of you if I didn't trust them with my children and myself. Give them a call today!